How to Avoid Legal Mistakes during Separation and Divorce

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If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, consult a family lawyer for guidance through the difficult process. Separation and divorce can be confusing, stressful and draining. If you do not have expert counsel, you might make serious mistakes that could complicate and prolong the process. Keep in mind that most of the problems encountered at the end of a marriage can be attributed to ignorance about divorce.

8 June 2022

In a Divorce Settlement, What Happens If Your Ex Has Hidden Assets Overseas?

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When a marriage that involves at least one high net worth individual fails, divorce can often be complex. Unfortunately, it's not unusual for one party to try and mask the true extent of their asset bank and often by transferring some of those assets to an offshore company or tax haven. What can you do if you suspect that something is not quite right and that your ex may be engaged in such activities?

2 February 2022