Understanding The Conveyancing Process

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Buying a house is a tricky undertaking that requires one to be very cautious. Many home buyers rely on conveyancers to help them navigate the lengthy and complicated conveyancing process. This article will discuss the different steps of conveyancing that you will have to go through when buying a house. Pre-Exchange of Contracts During this phase, your conveyancer will contact the solicitor of the seller to get a draft contract. The draft contract contains details such as the price of the property, details of fixtures or fittings and information on the title deed.

29 December 2015

Liability of the Landlord for Carbon Monoxide Exposure

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If you are a tenant who has sustained injuries due to carbon monoxide poisoning, you can make a legal claim against your landlord. The liability of your landlord is determined by statutes that regulate carbon monoxide devices as well as general landlord/tenant laws. This paper will discuss these issues and determine whether you have a valid case. General Laws on Landlord/Tenant Relationships In the past, landlords were not responsible for the state of their property after they had rented it out unless they pledged this responsibility.

10 December 2015

Essence of a Prepurchase Property Report Before You Buy

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If you have found a house that you are interested in buying and the house appears to be in pristine condition, you still need to have it inspected. Many home sellers dress up their houses to accentuate the good features and hide the flaws. Read on to understand what a building inspection report is, why you need one, and what a building inspection entails. What is a Pre-purchase Property Report?

3 November 2015

Tips for Making the Division of Personal Property Simpler When Divorcing

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Divorce is not an easy process emotionally or financially. It results in the division of assets and property. Resolution for personal property division normally takes place at the end of a case, but this is when anger and resentment is often the most pronounced. This results in difficulty when both parties are trying to agree on the division of personal property. Dividing assets like bank accounts and stocks is straightforward, because there are documents that define worth.

23 October 2015

Do You Really Need Legal Services for a Divorce?

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In many areas, there are divorce laws that allow couples to write up their own agreement without having to determine if someone is at fault for the divorce or have a judge oversee their case. While it can be cheaper to go without a lawyer or legal advice during a divorce, you might note when legal services may be a better option. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

30 September 2015

When It Can Be Good to Hire a Solicitor

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You may not need to hire a solicitor for every business decision or financial transaction you make, but there are times when it's good to get their advice before signing certain paperwork or making decisions that will affect you long-term. If you've never thought about hiring a solicitor for yourself, note a few times when it can be needed in order to protect you financially and otherwise. 1. When conveying property

3 September 2015

Reasons to Hire an Injury Lawyer

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If you have recently been involved in a car accident, chances are you are already starting to realise what a costly ordeal it is. Lost wages as well as medical expenses can get you in debt even before you get out of the hospital. Even if you were not the one who caused the accident and you have the facts to back that up, you still need to look into hiring a personal injury lawyer.

18 August 2015

Why Have a Family Lawyer Prepare a Prenuptial Agreement?

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The idea of signing a prenuptial agreement may seem distasteful to some engaged couples, as it sounds like you're planning on ending the marriage before it's even begun. However, it's good to remember that a marriage is a legally binding contract, and going through a divorce can mean facing some surprising circumstances that you wish you had worked out before you exchanged vows. Note a few reasons why you might have a family lawyer prepare a prenuptial agreement and how such an agreement can protect each person:

27 July 2015

Legal Matters Handled By Solicitors

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When you need legal help that doesn't involve going to court, a solicitor may be your best option. Unlike barristers, solicitors don't make their living arguing cases in front of a judge, but they are still highly trained legal professionals versed in civil and commercial law. Here are some of the legal matters that they can help you resolve. Debt Recovery -- If you are a business owner who wants to recover a debt from a client,  a solicitor can help secure what's due.

2 July 2015

Services You Can Get From an Immigration Lawyer

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Whether you're a citizen or permanent resident who wants to marry someone out of the country, or you're a student from abroad attempting to obtain a visa to study in Australia, immigration lawyers in your area can offer you a number of services to meet your needs: Partner Visas -- Immigration lawyers can help you obtain a partner visa, whether your partner is of the opposite gender, or of the same-sex.

12 June 2015