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When you need legal help that doesn't involve going to court, a solicitor may be your best option. Unlike barristers, solicitors don't make their living arguing cases in front of a judge, but they are still highly trained legal professionals versed in civil and commercial law. Here are some of the legal matters that they can help you resolve.

Debt Recovery -- If you are a business owner who wants to recover a debt from a client,  a solicitor can help secure what's due. One of the hidden truths about going to court to recover your debt is that a civil judgement in your favor doesn't guarantee anything. That's because unless your debtor has assets that you can levy to pay off the debt, you still won't be paid back. Solicitors can help negotiate a settlement with your debtor that reduces the debt, but nets you a portion of what's owed.

If you do need to go to court, a solicitor can file the suit, fill out all the paperwork, and ensure that your debtor receives the summons to appear.

Bankruptcy -- If you need to declare bankruptcy, a solicitor can prepare all the paperwork necessary to help you obtain approval from the court. Bankruptcy can be a tricky proposition, because you have to find a way to ensure that all your creditors will accept the terms of a repayment plan. And deciding what type of bankruptcy best fits your situation is the job of a solicitor. Solicitors can also act as intermediaries between you and a bankruptcy trustee who is assigned to administer your estate once the bankruptcy has been approved.

If you are declaring bankruptcy as a business entity, a solicitor can help you enter liquidation, or place your business in voluntary administration, in which an administrator is assigned to meet with your creditors to determine viable methods of paying off your business debts.

Child Custody -- Solicitors can also help you with family law issues related to custody. If you are going through a separation or divorce, and are trying to work out a fair custody situation, a solicitor can draw up a parenting plan or  a residence agreement that stipulates where your children will live for the majority of the time. If the custody matter is becoming contentious, a solicitor can request mediation or negotiate directly with the lawyer of your ex-partner to try and avoid a court hearing.

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2 July 2015

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