3 Ways Lawyers Are Dealing With Emerging Issues in Family Law

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Family law is one of the most emotional areas of the practice. This is because it deals with the very fundamental unit that forms the social fabric. In the past, the family law issues that were commonplace in the courts included divorce, custody battles, alimony and child support–related cases.  However, the structure of the family unit is changing, and lawyers have had to retrain themselves to handle the emerging issues. If you have an unusual family law matter, it is advisable to consult a professional family lawyer for expert guidance.

29 September 2020

Top Conveyancing Tips For Residential Property Buyers

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When buying a residential property for the first time, you have to work with an experienced legal expert to help you in the process of transferring a title from a seller to you. This legal and administrative process is known as conveyancing. Some of the processes that occur during a settlement process include doing searches to ensure that a property is in good standing. Here are some top conveyancing tips for residential property buyers.

10 June 2020

Avoiding and Reducing Unfair Dismissal Legal Claims Against Your Business

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Unfair dismissal claims can have negative impact on your commercial operations. In general, if an employee feels that their employment has ended in an unjust manner, they may file a legal claim in accordance with the Fair Work Act. The Fair Work Commission will determine if the legal claim is valid. If your business is involved in such a case, you will be required to attend hearings. These will be time-consuming, and your regular operations might be compromised.

9 October 2019

Top 5 Reasons to Negotiate Your Property Agreement Instead of Going to Court

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Negotiating property settlement is one of the hardest things for divorcing couples to do. Each party will want a fair share of the matrimonial property but often can't agree on who should get what. If you're getting divorced and can't reach an agreement with your soon-to-be ex over how to divide property of the marriage, consider using a lawyer to propose a property agreement. A property agreement sets out how you and your ex will share the property acquired during your marriage.

15 January 2019

Defending yourself against crimes committed far in the past

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Generally speaking, there are no provisions for a statute of limitations with regard to criminal matters in Australia, although statutes do exist for civil and property matters. If you find yourself accused of a crime long in the past, here are some steps to take to defend yourself.  Hire an experienced criminal lawyer Whilst there is no statute of limitations, the prosecutor still needs to provide a reasonable case that they can prove that you committed the crime.

29 July 2016

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Compensation in Australia

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In Australia, victims of crimes can be compensated for certain losses they've suffered due to the crime, as well as for pain and suffering. This compensation may even extend to loss of personal property you wouldn't expect, such as clothing. It can also be extended to family members of victims of certain crimes. If you are wondering if you're eligible for criminal compensation in Australia, note a few frequently asked questions about this arrangement and then discuss your options with a criminal attorney.

29 March 2016

Understanding The Conveyancing Process

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Buying a house is a tricky undertaking that requires one to be very cautious. Many home buyers rely on conveyancers to help them navigate the lengthy and complicated conveyancing process. This article will discuss the different steps of conveyancing that you will have to go through when buying a house. Pre-Exchange of Contracts During this phase, your conveyancer will contact the solicitor of the seller to get a draft contract. The draft contract contains details such as the price of the property, details of fixtures or fittings and information on the title deed.

29 December 2015

Liability of the Landlord for Carbon Monoxide Exposure

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If you are a tenant who has sustained injuries due to carbon monoxide poisoning, you can make a legal claim against your landlord. The liability of your landlord is determined by statutes that regulate carbon monoxide devices as well as general landlord/tenant laws. This paper will discuss these issues and determine whether you have a valid case. General Laws on Landlord/Tenant Relationships In the past, landlords were not responsible for the state of their property after they had rented it out unless they pledged this responsibility.

10 December 2015

Essence of a Prepurchase Property Report Before You Buy

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If you have found a house that you are interested in buying and the house appears to be in pristine condition, you still need to have it inspected. Many home sellers dress up their houses to accentuate the good features and hide the flaws. Read on to understand what a building inspection report is, why you need one, and what a building inspection entails. What is a Pre-purchase Property Report?

3 November 2015

Tips for Making the Division of Personal Property Simpler When Divorcing

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Divorce is not an easy process emotionally or financially. It results in the division of assets and property. Resolution for personal property division normally takes place at the end of a case, but this is when anger and resentment is often the most pronounced. This results in difficulty when both parties are trying to agree on the division of personal property. Dividing assets like bank accounts and stocks is straightforward, because there are documents that define worth.

23 October 2015