3 Ways Lawyers Are Dealing With Emerging Issues in Family Law

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Family law is one of the most emotional areas of the practice. This is because it deals with the very fundamental unit that forms the social fabric. In the past, the family law issues that were commonplace in the courts included divorce, custody battles, alimony and child support–related cases. 

However, the structure of the family unit is changing, and lawyers have had to retrain themselves to handle the emerging issues. If you have an unusual family law matter, it is advisable to consult a professional family lawyer for expert guidance. Here are three emerging issues in family law and how lawyers handle them.

Dealing With Frozen Embryos and IVF

In-vitro fertilisation has been a complete game-changer for couples who wish to have children but have trouble conceiving naturally. The process involves harvesting sperm from the man and eggs from the woman and fertilising them artificially before implanting them in the woman's uterus. 

Because of the delicate nature of the procedure, the scientists in charge always harvest more eggs than needed and then fertilise and freeze them, just in case the pregnancy does not succeed. The family law issue comes in when a couple that had their embryos frozen separates. The common question is: who should keep the embryos or should they be destroyed? Since the concept is new, countries are still creating laws and agreements for couples to get into before starting IVF. By consulting a family lawyer, you will know how to handle the issue. 

Handling Reproduction After Death

The possibility to preserve embryos also means that the fertilised eggs can be placed in the mother or a surrogate after one or both participants in IVF have passed on. 

The family law issues that arise from this could be whether the deceased can be held responsible for raising a child born out of such circumstances and whether it is legal to go ahead with such a procedure after the person's death.

Resolving Matters Related to Surrogacy

For most mothers whose wombs are not hospitable enough to grow a foetus to term, surrogate mothers act as a life-saver. However, issues such as the mothers getting attached to the child and couples separating during the pregnancy happen. 

Whether you are the surrogate or the couple in the equation, it is advisable to have professional guidance through the process.

These are three new and confusing issues in family law. A competent lawyer will help you navigate these difficult issues and get the ideal resolution for your family. 


29 September 2020

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