DIY Immigration Visa Application In Australia


Australia, like most developed countries, is often short of skilled persons in various professions. Some of the occupations on high demand include IT professionals, nurses and accountants among others. This creates numerous opportunities for foreigners to apply. As an applicant, you may want to by-pass the rigorous process of looking for an immigration agent. You could also be looking for a way to make a saving. The DIY kit is simple and straightforward, and you can make the application yourself.  Before you begin the process, you need to be aware of the following facts:

DIY Kit Qualifications

The DIY kit is specifically designed for skilled-independent migrants. This is under the subclass 175 visa. Other eligibility requirements include the following:

  • Be above the age of 18 and not past the age of 44 years.
  • A tradesperson or professional
  • Holder of a recognised trade certificate, diploma, degree or apprenticeship
  • Be able to communicate well in English
  • Have a minimum of 12 months' work experience or studied for at least 2 years in Australia.

Upon being granted a skilled visa, you will have a permanent residency status. The "skilled Independent Visa" gives you unrestricted working rights both for you and your family.

Why You Should Consider the DIY kit

Sorting through huge piles of information which may have become irrelevant is a waste of time. Hiring an agent also requires that you part with significant cash. The DIY kit is compiled by experts, and you can benefit from their research and knowledge. There are numerous mistakes you can make on your own without proper guidance. For instance, supporting documents need to be presented in a particular format. This format is also standard and clearly outlined in the kit. Failing to meet these requirements will only make the process longer.

Additionally, the DIY kit will

  • Give you correct information, and you can avoid giving unnecessary and irrelevant details.
  • Give you clear step-by-step application guidance. The steps range from gathering evidence, documentation and to the final stage of application.
  • Help you avoid making omissions and mistakes. At every stage, you will get hints from migration agents to keep you on the right track.
  • Help you stay up to date with current immigration law and any new policies and how these will affect your application. The kit is revised every year to ensure the information is current and correct.
  • Saves you tones of money that you would have spent on a migration agent.

For more information or advice, contact immigration services.


9 January 2015

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