Two Tips For Hiring A Conveyancing Solicitor

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Transfer of property ownership from one person to the next involves more than simply paying for the property and receiving a title deed. There are a number of legal provisions that have to be met if the transfer of ownership is to be deemed valid.

Due to the complex nature of these provisions, it is advisable for both property buyers and sellers to hire the services of a professional conveyancing solicitor. This article provides a few tips that will come in handy when looking to hire one such professional.

Consider The Cost

It goes without saying that your budget is the single most important factor that determines which conveyancing professional you will be in a position to hire and how much this will cost you.

There are three ways through which conveyancing professionals bill clients for services rendered. The first of this is referred to as fixed-fee conveyancing whereby the client and the solicitor agree on a fixed amount for legal services until the property transfer transaction is complete.  This billing method is preferred by a large number of clients because it allows them to know exactly how much they will owe the solicitor at the end of the transaction.

Solicitors can also be paid at each stage of the property transfer process. Under such an arrangement, there is no telling how much one will pay the conveyance once the transaction is complete. This payment option is referred to as non-fixed fee conveyancing and is almost synonymous with spiraling legal costs.

Last but not least, you can pay the conveyancing solicitor on an hourly basis. The more time the solicitor spends on your case, the higher the cost and vice-versa.

Ideally, you should choose the payment option that will prove most affordable for your situation.

 Local Based Solicitors Are The Best

When looking to hire a conveyancing solicitor, it would be a good idea to get one based in your locality. This is because the rules and regulations that govern conveyancing activities differ from one state to the next. A local based solicitor would have a more in-depth understanding of the conveyancing by-laws in his or her locality. The solicitor is also bound to be aware of the most recent changes in the application of state and council by-laws.  

This is also advantageous in the sense that the solicitor will always be available even on short notice should there be any problem during the property transfer period. For more information, check out companies such as Anthonys Solicitors.


26 February 2015

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