4 Questions To Ask Your No Win No Fee Injury Lawyer

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No-win-no-fee arrangements are an exciting concept for most clients. It is especially so since they do not have to pay a lawyer's retainer or incur other upfront expenses before the completion of their case. Therefore, it is not a surprise that people seeking compensation for personal injuries often opt to work with no-win-no-fee injury lawyers. Below are some questions you should ask your no-win-no-fee injury lawyer before hiring them. Hopefully, it will ease your search for a lawyer. 

Does The Case Meet The Minimum Requirements? 

Experienced no-win-no-fee injury lawyers have an accurate understanding of the law. Therefore, they should examine your situation to establish whether you qualify for compensation. For instance, you cannot file a claim if the injury is more than three years old. Moreover, you cannot claim compensation if you bear negligence. For instance, take a case where you got injured while trespassing on someone's property. You would likely bear negligence in this situation.

Have You Handled A Similar Issue In The Past? 

Your confidence in the lawyer's services will significantly improve if they have handled similar issues in the past. For instance, if you suffered a workplace injury, an experienced lawyer will advise whether you should follow up with the insurance company or sue your employer for negligence. The lawyer's experience will also come in handy during negotiations since they know the arguments that the other party is likely to put forward. 

What Evidence Will You Need? 

In a compensation suit, the plaintiff bears the burden of proof. Therefore, the lawyer should inform you of the evidence required to justify your claim. For example, they could require CCTV footage or witness accounts. Your doctor's reports will prove the extent of the injuries. Sometimes, the lawyer could also require expert analysis to show the long-term effects of the injury. For example, if you had a brain injury, a medical expert could testify that the injury could put you at risk of secondary illnesses such as mental illness. 

What Are The Terms? 

Inquire about the following: 

  • What percentage of the award will the lawyer use to settle legal fees? Other than this percentage, will you incur additional charges?
  • What would happen if the lawyer was unable to negotiate for a reasonable amount?
  • What activities should you avoid? For instance, the lawyer could ask you to avoid social media activity, contact with the defendant, or talking about the case.
  • Does the lawyer permit you to accept offers presented by the other party?

When interviewing a no-win-no-fee injury lawyer, inquire about the legality of the issue, the experience of the lawyer, the required evidence, and the terms of engagement. 


13 August 2021

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