Reasons Property Sellers Should Consult A Conveyancer

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Most property sellers question the need for conveyancing services. Nevertheless, consulting a conveyancer can significantly ease the property-selling process. Below is a guide detailing why property sellers need to consult conveyancers. 

Identify Their Target Market  

Unfortunately, most sellers do not know whom to target when advertising their properties. As a result, their properties take longer to sell than they had initially anticipated. A conveyancer spends considerable time with property buyers. Therefore, they know who might be interested in such a property. This information helps you appraise and advertise the property in anticipation of a sale. For instance, you might have an expansive parcel of land, but its location attracts millennials and new families with low spending power. If this is the case, you could subdivide the property to make it affordable to your customers. 

Conversely, suppose the older generation and seniors are your target market. In that case, you could advertise through traditional channels such as newspapers and word of mouth since they might not be avid social media users. In other cases, the conveyancer could ask you to consider an auction sale. It is especially so if they are sure the property will generate significant interest in the target market. An auction helps you sell the property at the highest possible price. 

Prepare Their Property For Sale 

Your property's appeal significantly affects the buyer's interest in the property. However, how do you make a memorable first experience for potential buyers? Conveyancers attend numerous property visits annually. Therefore, they have in-depth information on what is likely to impress buyers. For example, the professional could advise you to repair your lawn and driveway, repaint your home, polish the floors and walls, remove clutter and install some interior décor elements. 

Besides appeal, buyers are also interested in the property's paperwork. The conveyancer lists all the documentation or information that potential buyers could ask for. For instance, it is not uncommon for buyers to inquire about the area's building code, zoning, or strata regulations. It is especially so if they intend to renovate the property and sell it for a profit. Some buyers ask for an occupation certificate, fencing permit, renovation licence, or swimming pool safety certificate. You must also have documentation to prove your unique selling points. For example, if you claim that the property is highly energy efficient, do you have professional paperwork to prove your claims? For instance, you should have an HVAC contractor's report showing the property's energy savings. Such paperwork goes a long way in proving your credibility as a seller. It is a sure way to woo buyers into buying the property. 

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13 January 2023

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